Tyre movement and tracking history

Each tyre must be allocated a unique branding number that is used to identify it. The location of every tyre is tracked from the moment it is captured. Its movement on to and off vehicles, to and from suppliers for retreading, into and out of stores, and finally when it is either sold, scrapped or stolen, is all recorded. All costs associated with a tyre (eg. initial purchase, retreading, repairs etc..) are recorded.

cost per kilometre (CPK)

Each time a vehicle's odometer reading is updated, a tripsheet entry for the distance travelled since the last update is recorded. This distance is then added to every tyre that is on a rolling wheel position on that vehicle when it made that trip. By knowing the cost of the tyre, and the distance it has traveled, Intasect can calculate the CPK for that tyre.

But we don't have to wait until the tyre has completed its life before been able to calculate an accurate CPK. This may get a bit technical, but by allocating a cost to the tyre's casing, we are able to work out what each mm of rubber is worth. As the tyre is surveyed, the mm remaining on the tyre gets updated. Knowing the mm's that have consumed, we can work out the "cost of the rubber" used to achieve the distance it has currently travelled. This gives us a real-time Cost Per Kilometre value for the tyre as it is wearing.

Vehicle operating costs

By knowing the CPK of each rolling wheel, and the distance travelled by each tyre, INTASECT can provide you with an accurate running cost for each vehicle for the period in question. For this to be accurate, we need to get regular odometer updates and wearing information on all the tyres (through surveys and rubber audits). This may seem like a lot of work, but quality information is the crux of any fleet management solution.

with our advanced productivity tools, we are able to:

  1. make sure that every fitter is actually checking the tyres on the vehicles and pumping them if they are under inflated
  2. prioritising the vehicles that have not been checked in a long time first
  3. monitoring that each fitter is actually doing during the day

Vehicle Breakdown

Intasect can manage your entire breakdown process. You can record where the breakdown has occurred, what suppliers have been called out, exactly where they are in the process, and what items where replaced during the breakdown.


Intasect is has many colourful reports to help you identify and diagnose your problems areas. The application is ongoing and new reports are been added all the time.